Scrimshaw wedding

So now the Scrimshaw wedding edit is done, it means I can blog about it! Get in!

First off, congratulations to Tim and Katie. It was an absolutely fantastic day and Dave and I had a whale of a time (we even enjoyed the 4 hour drive up to Shropshire, which we spent singing along to the radio at the top of voices for the most part! You want to be thankful you weren’t on that particular journey then!)

The day started off at Katie’s family home, which turned out to be a farm in the middle of nowhere, which was a wedding photographers dream. Nothing but fields and perfect landscapes as far as the eye could see. We both made a mental note to re-visit a large field at the back of the house later in the day for that ever-elusive ‘golden hour’ shot! While Dave quickly set about shooting the details of the beautiful setup in the reception marquee, I headed in to the house to shoot Katie and the bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done.

Once I’d rattled a few shots off, I decided to pop outside to see how Dave was getting on, only to find that he’d found the wedding car….. A Ferrari F430! He’d conveniently forgotten to call me up on the radio and tell me about that, having been too busy slobbering over it and trying to find the perfect angle for a shot (it turns out that pretty much every angle of it was perfect!)


(Photo credit – Hybrid Dave

Leaving the girls to get in to their respective dresses (we don’t shoot that, you’ll perhaps not be surprised to hear!), we then travelled the short distance through stunning country back roads to Oswestry, where the church ceremony was due to take place. Having dropped Dave off at Tim’s hotel just across the road and saying my own quick hellos, I headed back to get a few shots of the bridesmaids fussing over Katie’s dress and jewellery.


You might be surprised to hear me say this, but Katie’s dress was stunning and made her look even more beautiful than usual! You could see she felt a million dollars in it from the smile on her face, although, as with most brides, this was tinged with a sense of nerves! She handled them admirably though!

I then headed back to the Church to meet up with Dave, ready for Katie’s arrival with her Dad in a stunning vintage Beauford.

DSC_2673Oswestry church itself was beautiful, with huge vaulted ceilings, intricate stained glass and lots or fantastic features to keep the busiest photographer, well, busy! The only slight issue was with the lighting in the church which I could see was a tad orange, as soon as I walked in….


Nothing that a little white balance altering in post processing couldn’t handle though!


Upon heading back to the reception venue (the farm!), we found a London Black cab containing a mobile Photo Booth had arrived (Dave and I really need to start thinking about getting one of those….. Watch this space!)

Dinner and speeches went off brilliantly and the eating and drinking finally gave way to the dancing and singing. Although not before we dragged Tim and Katie away from their desserts to get those golden hour shots we’d been thinking about all day…. and boy am I glad we did!

DSC_3477 f

With a 4 hour drive back to Essex, Dave and I made our excuses at around half 9 and thanked both Tim and Katie for having us document their wonderful day.

Then, the only thing to concern ourselves with was which radio station would have the best ‘crooning along to’ music…….