So after the rush and buzz of the last three days (in fact, the whole trip had so far felt like it had gone at 100mph!), it was time to ease off the gas a little and head out in to the desert during the day for our last few

It was the third and final day of PSW and, looking back, I swear we must have been surviving solely on the buzz of being there, as it certainly wasn’t sleep that was keeping us going. So with heavy eyes but minds still ready and eager to learn, we finished

(Ok, I promise this will be the last phone photo exclusive post…. Night photos from the desert coming next time!) After another epically long nights sleep (I joke, of course), we were back up making our way through the casino (to get anywhere in Vegas, you have to go through

(This’ll be another phone photo heavy post but bear with me… I promise there’ll be more epic photos coming soon!) We had arrived in Vegas and it was day one of Photoshop World! It was finally time for the show to start and we couldn’t have been more eager… Well,