Hailing from the heart of the leafy Essex countryside, Peter first started out in Photography in 2010 when he bought his first Digital SLR… which was also his first ever camera of any kind! He was instantly bitten by the photography bug though, spending all of his free time in and around Central London and Essex honing his skills and trying out every photography technique he could find.

As part of this constant search for credible sources of learning, Peter happened upon the ‘Digital Photography Book’ range of publications by Scott Kelby. It was from here that his skills and passion for photography really took off, as he yearned for a career as a professional photographer. To this end, Peter soon found himself working in the high stress and highly competitive Wedding Photographer industry, having co-founded Hybrid Photography with his best friend. Realising that he would need to differentiate himself from the competition to get ahead, Peter again dived head first in to training but this time with the photo editing software Photoshop as well as traditional camera techniques.

This dedication to creative photography has ultimately led to Peter being asked to shoot Weddings as far and wide as Australia, America and across Europe. It was these trips that confirmed to Peter that wedding photography, and sepcifically destination wedding photography, is what he loves.

A few short years later, with the wedding photography booming, Peter decided it was time for a new challenge to keep him fresh. Having gained such an amazing amount of information from some of the best photographers and educators in the world since he started, he felt it was only right to give back some of what he’d learnt to the next wave of eager photographers starting out themselves. This began with informal group training sessions, with Peter soon moving on to giving one on one tuition to hobbyist photographers, concentrating on camera techniques such as composition and lighting.

To make a move in to teaching Photoshop, Peter decided to make his first trip to the USA to attend the 2016 Photoshop World conference and Expo in Las Vegas, to see how the pros taught. Shortly before travelling to Sin City though, Peter was honoured to have been contacted by the organisers of the conference, KelbyOne (Scott Kelby’s training company), asking if he’d be willing to lead a discussion on how to start out in Wedding Photography at the show. He was, of course, only too pleased to do so.

Since then Peter’s career has gone from strength to strength, something he knows is purely down to the amazing help and advice he has been given from some of the most influential and talented creatives in the business, many of whom he now counts as close personal friends.

Peter co-hosting Scott Kelby’s weekly webcast ‘The Grid’ from the Photography Show at the NEC

Peter now spends his time travelling to document the world’s most stunning views and to capture his clients’ treasured memories but still lives in the leafy Essex countryside, spending any spare time he has with his wife and two children.

Peter has also been a firm believer in getting the most out of whatever gear you have and not buying in to the ‘great photos are made with expensive kit’ myth. He makes his feeling perfectly clear on this subject in a blog post for Scott Kelby’s guest blog here